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WAOA Presents Awards During Fall Conference

Saturday, September 27, 2014

During the WAOA Fall Conference, 4 awards were given out.

Myslik, Inc. and GDA Engineers were both presented the Corporate Award of Excellence.  These awards are presented to a company whose professionalism and recent contributions to the Association and the Airport Industry have made a significant difference towards fostering aviation.

John Stopka was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award.  Arguably the most prestigious of all of the WAOA Awards, the Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes those individuals who have spent the bulk of their career in the pursuit of improving Aviation throughout the State of Wyoming.  In order to be eligible for this award, an individual must have spent a minimum of 20 years of service involved in some facet of the Aviation industry within the State of Wyoming.  Nominated by WAOA membership, the nominee must have the unanimous consent of the Board of Directors to be recognized as the Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

Dave Haring was presented the President’s Award of Excellence.  Selected by WAOA President Glenn Januska, the award recognized Haring’s contributions to both WAOA and Aviation within the State of Wyoming and his commitment to the industry.