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North Big Horn County Airport

Airport Operated By: Big Horn County
Type of Operator: County
Primary Phone: 307-568-2551
Mailing Address: Box 29
Basin, WY 82410
Physical Address: 417 Murphy Street
Basin, WY 82410
Airport Manager: Carl Meyer
Type of Airport: General Aviation
Based Aircraft: 22 - Single Engine
Significant Users: GA, EMS, FBO
Significant Tenants: B&G Industries, LLC
Operations: 5,500 (2014)
FBO(s) B&G Industries, LLC
Years at the airport: 10
Major MX: No
Minor MX: No
Fuel: Yes
Charter: No
Courtesy Car: No
Paint: Yes
Instruction: No
FAA Certified Repair Station: Yes
FAA Certified Mechanic: Yes
Airport Staff: 1 - full time
1 - part time
Economic Benefits Study - Airport Conducted: Yes
Economic Benefits Study - WyDOT Conducted: No
House District: 26 and 28
House Representative: Harvey and Winters
County Representatives:
Senate District: 19 and 20
Senator: Jerry Geis and Ray Peterson
County Senators:
County Commissioners: Jerold Even, John Hyde, and Felix Garrizales
County Commission Office Telephone: 307-568-2357
City Council Members:
City Council Office Telephone:
Airport Board Members:
Airport Board Office Telephone: 307-548-6236