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City of Powell

Airport Operated By: City of Powell
Type of Operator: City
Primary Phone: 307-754-5234
Alternate Phone: 619-518-1233
Mailing Address: 270 N. Clark
Powell, WY 82435
Physical Address: 22 Road 9
Powell, WY 82435
Airport Manager: Debbie Weckler
Type of Airport: General Aviation
Based Aircraft: 23 - Single Engine
Significant Users: Business Medical; Basin Electric; Lime Producer; UW, Governor; Flights Students from Cody and other areas in Montana; Tourists from U.S. States, Germany and Canada; Aerobatic box for scheduled use.
Significant Tenants: Private Pilots
Operations: 3,023 (2014)
2,800 (2013)
2,112 (2012)
2,750 (2010)
2,250 (2009)
2,200 (2008)
FBO(s) Debbie Weckler - Operator
Years at the airport: 3
Major MX: No
Minor MX: No
Fuel: Yes
Charter: No
Courtesy Car: Yes
Paint: No
Instruction: No
Other: Fuel self-serve 24/7
FAA Certified Repair Station: No
FAA Certified Mechanic: No
Other Services: 2 courtesy cars, pilot lounge, WiFi, kitchen, campfort, B.Q. Grill
Airport Staff: 1 - full time
Economic Benefits Study - Airport Conducted: No
Economic Benefits Study - WyDOT Conducted: No
House District:
House Representative: Dave Blevins
County Representatives:
Senate District: 18
Senator: Henry H.R. "Hank" Coe
County Senators:
County Commissioners: Bucky Hall, Lee Livingston, Tim French, Joe Tilden, and Loren Grosskopf
County Commission Office Telephone: 307-527-8510
City Council Members:
City Council Office Telephone:
Airport Board Members: Gary Butts
Airport Board Office Telephone: 307-754-5234