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Prospective Members: How WAOA Can Benefit You

Dear Prospective Member:

Thank you for considering membership in the Wyoming Airport Operators Association (WAOA). Since 1976, WAOA has worked hard on behalf of airports in Wyoming on a number of issues important to facilities of all types and sizes. WAOA accomplishes this by:

  • Providing a voice for airport operators within the State to commercial, state, and federal agencies, and to the State Legislature, and to the Congress of the United States on proposed or pending legislation of interest or concern of the membership.
  • Providing for the exchange and publication of information pertaining to airport facilities, infrastructure, and activities.
  • Providing advisory assistance where required to member airports related to educational material and problem resolution.
  • Promoting safety in the development of airport facilities and operating procedures.

Membership Application & Rates

Click the link below for a membership application and membership rates.

Recently, WAOA has been instrumental in influencing positive outcomes on a number of issues affection airports throughout the state:

  • Helped secure State funding for the maintenance of locally owned navigational aids, significantly reducing operating expenses at several airports.
  • Worked with the Wyoming Division of Aeronautics to adequately fund the Aeronautics grant and loan programs, providing all airports with alternate sources of capital improvement funds.
  • And, at local, state and federal levels, WAOA continues to address a variety of critical air service, airline competition and related issues unique to the State of Wyoming.

Your membership is WAOA assists us greatly in accomplishing these tasks and we look forward to having you as a WAOA member. If you need more information, or would like to discuss how WAOA membership can benefit you, your airport, or your corporation please call Jack Skinner at (307) 742-4164.