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About WAOA

Since 1976, WAOA has worked hard on behalf of airports in Wyoming on a number of issues important to facilities of all types and sizes. WAOA accomplishes this by: Providing a unified voice for airport operators to commercial, state and federal agencies and to the State legislature and the United States Congress on proposed or pending legislation impacting airports.

  • Providing for an exchange of operating information between airport operators.
  • Providing advisory assistance where required to member airports related to educational material and problem resolution.
  • Promoting safety in the development of airport facilities and operating procedures.

Recently, WAOA has been instrumental in influencing positive outcomes on a number of issues affecting airports throughout the state:

  • Helped secure State Funding for the maintenance of locally owned navigational aids, significantly reducing operating expenses at several airports.
  • Worked with the Wyoming Division of Aeronautics to adequately fund the Aeronautics grant and loan programs, providing all airports with alternate sources of capital improvement funds.
  • Lobbied to secure an increase in the legal debt limit for all sizes of airports.
  • Introduced state legislation designed to help attract and maintain a Wyoming-based regional airline, which could result in more consistent airline service to the State.

And, at local, state and federal levels, WAOA continues to address a variety of critical air service, airline competition and related issues unique to the State of Wyoming.